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Free Tin Can Stirling Engine Plans, DIY Science Projects HK1

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A cool Science Fair project
Plans page now FREE:
(Your donations will go to needy children, however.)

These plans offer more than just the design and diagrams. They explain the technique I use for making many small projects out of recycled metal cans.

Stirling engines are easy to build. These plans can be put together in just a few hours using simple hand tools. It took me a lot longer to write the plans and draw all the sketches than it did to build it. As a kid, I once thought "Sterling" was the correct spelling but I later learned that these engines are named after Robert Sterling, a clever clergyman in the 1800"e;s, who added a "regenerator" to a regular heat engine to improve efficiency. Today, with modern materials, Stirling engines are getting another look because of their ability to use any heat / cold source for power! I have run a model like this one on liquid nitrogen as well as ice.


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